”In making art, my purpose is always to provide an input or a starting point for the development of sorts of open discourse.

I consider as mental image everything that is perceivable by the senses over different grades of awareness.
A painting, a soundscape, a photograph, a sculpture or even a happening, are able to produce their own mental projection, as a sentence inserted in the text of the contemporary culture of images.

My rhizomatic idea of artistic medium comes from the poetical practice of cut-up and collage as concretely usable instruments of my generation: the urgency of putting different dimensions of the tangible world in relation with the Knowledge, recombining them through the forms of art language.
This relation always starts from a specific context in which my work develops and will be insert as trace of this process of interaction. For this reason, eluding the linear idea of a recognizable style, forms changes in relation to the context and become images inside the iridescent body of my work.

My interest has been focused on the idea of action, interpreted as generative process in art creation.
Acting, as playing, generates gestures and retraceable signs in every art practice: from the gesture of sign in painting to the linguistic gesture of appropriation art, passing through the physical gesture of performing art or the spatial gesture of sculptures or installation art.

I usually adopt strategies that deal with cause and effect and that reverberate their influences on the daily world and on the viewer perception. I am interested also in the cartesian doubt, whom destabilises beliefs, but stimulates the research of truth and the self-awareness as rational entity.”

© Marco Cechet