”In making art, I take critical stances, and my purpose is always to provide input or a starting point for open discourse.
Transdisciplinarity is a fundamental aspect of my art practice, and negotiation is essential to develop my projects.

I consider as mental image everything that is perceivable by the senses over different grades of awareness.
Every art practice produces a mental projection, like a sentence inserted in the text of the contemporary culture of images.

My rhizomatic idea of the artistic medium comes from the poetic practices of cut-up and collage. Through them, I put in relation ordinariness to Knowledge.
This relation starts from a specific context in which my work develops. As a result, the artwork becomes the trace of this process.
For this reason, context shapes outputs, eluding the linear idea of a recognisable style and becoming images inside the iridescent body of my work.

I am interested in the idea of action, interpreted as the generative process in art creation.
Acting generates gestures and retraceable signs in every art practice: brushstrokes of painting or linguistic gestures in appropriation art. Even the physicality of performances or the spatiality of sculptures and installations could be considered gestures.

I adopt strategies that deal with cause and effect, reverberating their influences on both the daily world and viewer perception.
I am intrigued by the cartesian doubt, which stabilises beliefs but stimulates the research of truth and the self-awareness as a rational entity.”

© Marco Cechet